A: *cough**cough*

B: Who’s there?

A: I am the one..who coughs!!

B: I am the one who coughs who?

A: (teleported away)


The moment when it takes the one i portrayed as the “lesser” to straighten up the behaviour of the assumed “greater” one.. and the line that categorize them into each of their current “caste” start to slowly blur…

As one of those who decide to live in another country..

It is sometimes feels funny when the sh*t happened in your home country got amplified as the news in the country you are stay in right now..

And it is way..way more funnier when the sh*t that happened in the country you live in right now got reached into the news cycle of your home country..

Well.. buckle up..

10 years ago..

More than that, i guess..

The “divorce” day..

You have moved on.. and so do I..

Have I?

Sort of, i guess..

That thought still went across my mind once in a while..

To come to you.. to see you once more..

But I guess you have changed.. and so do I..

Just one more meeting.. shall we?

The time? I don’t know

The place? We know.. definitely