Not good enough.

I am.. not good enough.


One of the cause of suidical thoughts:

Too much “friends”, too much people to “follow”, too much opportunity to stalk someone virtually.

One of the way to prevent suicidal thoughts:

Real friends. Real communications. Real relationships.

“Buy cheap, and you will ended up buying things twice”.. or something like that

* remembering back that quote while looking at my microkorg..

Hmm ok.. I guess I am stuck with you..

Missed that feeling of making a big chord by putting my fingers randomly which may sound interesting especially if you do it in a big range keyboard.

While my reality now is stucked in the limitation of 25 keys and maximum 4 notes polyphony.

But those cutoff, resonance, etc knobs are interesting too though.

Can still play random chords which sound even more interesting with arpeggiator.

Hmm.. but I still kinda need that bigger range…

But those 88 keys are heavy. I played once before, one of my friends used to have it. Can you do a “rake” on weighted keys like that..

Hmm… all I can do now is save some more money before I decide to maybe buy another one..

But do I really need it though…

Me: Don’t you need a driving license if you want to buy a car?

A: No. Buying a car has nothing to do with having a driving license or not.

Me: Oh? Hmm ok.. Oh ya.. of course it has nothing to do with it. You can buy a car for someone else.

A: Yes

Me: Which means actually even though I don’t any driving license.. and maybe sort of planned to never have one anyway.. I can still have the chance to open a car rental business right?

A: Duh. Of course you can.